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Nche Sam Takoh

Nche Sam Takoh is a trained counselor and chaplain with a background in clinical pastoral education and seminary training. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Theology (counseling option) from the Cameroon Baptist Seminary Kumba. He has served as a school chaplain (BHS Yaounde) and pastoral caregiver in Mbingo Baptist Hospital and Mboppi Baptist Hospital.

His passion for working with the vulnerable was driven by his experiences working at the hospital and in the indigenous villages of Cameroon. During his time at the hospital where he worked with the care and treatment centers, he saw firsthand the struggles and suffering of teens living with HIV and AIDS who had little or no access to medical care and treatment because of poverty. He also became very concerned about these teens because most of them were orphans and had no available support system. As result of these experiences, Sam founded Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon (FOMCAM) in 2007.

Sam is interested in social change through innovative approaches to health and wellness with the younger generation. Sam is a committed advocate for the positive influence of creative, non-traditional education, health for all, and dedicating his time to work with the needy in Cameroonian communities.