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Terra Nova Children’s Home (Kazembe Orphanage)


“Global Contributions is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to create leaders for the future by giving those in need a better chance at a full and successful life. Global Contributions goes beyond saving the lives of orphaned and abandoned children by giving them the tools they need to succeed:

    • Faith in God
    • A loving and caring home
    • A strong academic foundation
    • Good nutrition for a healthy life
    • Firm moral guidance
    • Skills, such as cooking, tailoring, farming, carpentry, computer knowledge, paired with a good work ethic
    • An understanding of the responsibility to care for the world God has given us.”

Family Outreach Ministry Cameroon (FOMCAM)


“FOMCAM is a community based non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-political, philanthropic organisation with its head office in Bamenda. It was created in Bamenda, North West Region (NWR), Republic of Cameroon, and legally registered in 2008 as a charitable organization with Ref. Reg. No. 1 2 / e. 2 9 / 1 1 1 1 / v o l . 8 / APPB/14/05/2008 in response to concerns raised by the risky behaviours of orphans, widows, and vulnerable children abandoned by their relatives; with little or no support. Due to frustration some leave the villages to settle in the urban cities of Bamenda, Douala, Yaounde, Limbe, Kribi, and Buea, with the hope of being gainfully employed, earn a better life, business, education, and personal development. Presently, through partnerships with volunteers and other organizations, FOMCAM has been able to:

    • To help over 44 orphans (some of whom are AIDS orphans) children and teenage mothers acquire formal education, business skills, and vocational training in the NWR. Those who have completed a vocational training are now assisting in meeting their needs and those of their families.
    • To train 120 youths (age 12-24 years) in 2 colleges on reproductive health and sexual rights enabling them to understand the process and stages in adolescent development, sexuality and strengthening of their capacities to manage physical, socio-emotional changes. These youths have also been trained in leadership development.
    • To provide clothing, shoes, psychosocial support, counselling and nutritional support to orphans (aids orphans) as a means to improve their mental health, learning capabilities, increase boy/girl parity rates amongst peers and other non-needy students.
    • Work in partnership with health institutions and organizations in the provision of Antiretroviral drugs, nutrition care and assessment, in the North West Region of Cameroon etc.”

The above descriptions were taken from the organizations’ websites.